Cube 2

Friday 14:00 h —
Emilia Kurylowicz, Berlin

For the Radical Film Network workshop Emilia Kurylowicz invites the participants to play with the “dreams” that the highly commercialised music industry is trying to sell us on a daily basis and take the “risk” of singing about mundane or problematic things. (more…)

Saturday 14:00 h —
Timothy George Kelly, London

Consciousness raising groups are a form of activism popularised during 1970s feminism. These groups of women met up regularly to discuss their experiences, which became a powerful tool for collectively constructing theory and taking action. (more…)

Saturday 17:00 —
, 90 min
Susanne Dzeik, Peter Ohlendorf, Andreas Wildfang

Social media, streaming portals and video platforms…through the internet the possibilities of film distribution have increased significantly. But which ways are available to independent documentary filmmakers? Which new ideas and which networks make sense? (more…)