Cube 3

Friday 14:00 h —
Elena Boschi, Genoa

The interrupted screening comes from two basic premises: 1) radical films alone don’t necessarily encourage action beyond the movie theatre; 2) the screening practices prevalent in the exhibition contexts where radical film culture is lived are not necessarily radical. (more…)

Saturday 10:30 h —
Judy Rabinowitz Price, London

Price discusses her current research towards a new film that explores the overwritten histories and redrawn boundaries of Holloway Women’s Prison, the largest women’s prison in Western Europe and the only women’s prison in London until it was decommissioned in 2016. (more…)

Saturday 11:30 h —
Wolfgang Schmidt, Berlin

The film “Navy Cut” deals with the figure of the sailor who is always present at the beginning of the 20th century when it comes to revolution. The sailors’ uprising in Wilhelmshaven and Kiel on 09.11.1918 triggered the November Revolution and the sailors of the battleship Potemkin are film legends. It’s about utopia and loss of utopia. (more…)

Saturday 14:00 h —
Dr. Ken Fero, London

Exploring the works of Migrant Media in relation to the political concerns during the periods of the time of practice, the notion of an uncompromising ‘documentary of force’ develops throughout the portfolio. (more…)

Saturday 15:30 h —
Dr. Julia Dittmann, Berlin

The long-term documentation “We are still here” (working title) shows changes in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg since 2009. It gives an insight into the life and work of people who for years had to defend themselves against being deprived of their homes. (more…)

Saturday 16:30 h —
A.S.S. Collective, Berlin

On the 21st of June 2018, A.S.S.-Collective and a group of artists and activists gathered in front of the Ernst-Thälmann monument to spend 24 hours together. Questions concerning the effects of dominant histography on todays cities and public sphere and the examination of alternative narratives formed the basis of their joint gathering. (more…)

Saturday 17:15 h —
Grisha Dallmer & Matthias Coers, Berlin

Cooperative productions, independent distribution and film events as venues social communication. A lecture with examples based on the documentaries „Das Gegenteil von Grau”, Mietrebellen und Dystopolie. (more…)