Saturday 10:45 h -
, 25 min
Ina Wudtke, Berlin

During the Weimar Republic, communist organisations contributed tremendously to the establishment of a tradition of worker writers. Thus factory workers were encouraged to write about their experiences in labour and life. As a result of her research into original poems, songs and epigrams by workers writers about the housing question, Ina Wudtke decided to write some agitation texts herself, which would draw on contemporary social issues. These texts provided the material for speaking choirs in front of real estate sites in Berlin. The final result are short videos which, after their Soviet-Russian, constructivist examples, are called Agitkas. With these Agitkas, social realities of contemporary society are addressed in a language grafted upon the twentieth-century history of workers culture. As one may have guessed, it belongs to the concept of the Agitkas that they should mobilise an ever growing number of people in order to participate in its speaking choirs.

Ina Wudtke (born 1968) is an artist living in Berlin. Her research based work questions hegemonic political discourses and strengthens counter-discourses on themes such as gender, work and housing. Since 2018 she is artistic researcher for the documenta professorship at the Art Academy in Kassel. Her latest book is The Fine Art of Living (Berlin, Archive Books, 2018).