Friday 14:00 h -
Emilia Kurylowicz, Berlin

For the Radical Film Network workshop Emilia Kurylowicz invites the participants to play with the “dreams” that the highly commercialised music industry is trying to sell us on a daily basis and take the “risk” of singing about mundane or problematic things.

Rap music has an enormous yet ambivalent influence on culture and society. On the one hand it proved to be an empowering and radical political tool. On the other hand its scene doesn’t escape the problems that appear in other areas of social and cultural life: misogyny, discrimination, promotion consumerist lifestyle etc. It becomes especially apparent in music videos. Having the capacity to be spread at the speed of meme across media platforms, music videos become a tool of selling a certain lifestyle.

By using humour and  following the process proposed in her project “Lil Witch”, the participants are invited to create an alternative version of one famous rap or pop song (title to be announced). The workshop will consist of two parts – rewriting the lyrics of the song and shooting a simple, improvised music video with the workshop participants in the spaces in and around Silent Green Kulturquartier. The result of the workshop will be presented on the last day of Radical Film Network Meeting.

Emilia Kurylowicz is a Berlin based musician, filmmaker and performer. With a long time experience as a music video director she likes to play around with the tropes of that genre.