Friday 23:00 h -

Pipework Glasgow

Scott Caruth is an artist based between Berlin and Glasgow. He has been conducting experiments using 16mm film in Gay male cruising spaces particularly sauna’s. The use of cameras within these locations is strictly forbidden and he was interested in exploring the challenges that this presents from both a documentary and anthropological perspective. In these experiments, 100ft of 16mm film is transferred from reel to reel by hand, without a camera, as he navigates Pipework’s Gay Sauna in Glasgow. The film is exposed to changes in lighting, temperature and precipitation before being sent off to be developed at the Kodak Lab. The outcome of these have generally resulted in abstract moving images that transition gradually through different colour spectrums and textures.

Such interactions are dictated heavily by the lighting within the space, which is usually utilised in such a way that favours other senses over sight. Illumination is usually kept low with specific colours dominating different areas of the space. Sections of it are often deprived of any light at all and figures and silhouettes materialise out of the shadows and steam. Through these experiments he was trying to understand the ways in which the context of a sauna demands alternative forms of communication and navigation of it’s visitors for whom privacy and anonymity is of paramount importance. It is important to note that the restrictions placed upon camera’s within such spaces actually correspond to my own lack of desire to expose, illustrate or depict gay sauna’s in any way through the use of direct photography.

Sound Collage

Laura Not is an artist and sound-collagist. Whether she is djing, hosting one of her monthly radio shows (on Lyl Radio or on, or recording and muting her field recordings, she seeks to unearth the hidden bonds between sounds through her practice. Just as in a collage made of unusually combined materials, her performances are the space where hybrid sound assemblages gather into an idiosyncratic narration.