Friday 15:15 h -
, 25 min
Tony Dowmunt, London

LCVA is preserving the work of the Community Video movement in the 1970s and 80s, in London and South East England. In the early 1970s portable video recording equipment became available, and for the first time it was possible for individuals and communities (outside of mainstream broadcasting) to make their own television. The medium was taken up by people ignored or under-represented in the mainstream media – tenants on housing estates, community action groups, women, black and minority ethnic groups, youth, gay and lesbian people, and the disabled. With an overriding commitment to social empowerment and to combating exclusion, ‘Community Video’ dealt with issues which still have a contemporary resonance — housing, play-space, discrimination, youth arts. LCVA’s aim is to draw attention to these unheard voices and images, and to enable them to be used as a resource for contemporary debates and activism. In this presentation we will show clips from their web-based archive and discuss some of the ways in which the work is being shown.
Tony Dowmunt is currently making community-based films in Lewes, East Sussex, where he lives, as well as co-supervising Practice Research PhDs at Goldsmiths, mostly in the field of radical and ‘alternative’ documentary practices. He worked with others to set up LCVA in 2015, and his other current research interests include ‘alternative/community media’ (both in the UK and Indigenous Australia) and the growing field of practice research in the moving image. He was a founding member of the steering group of AVPhD, a training organisation for all those involved in audio-visual practice/research doctorates.