Saturday 16:00 h -
, 25 min
Sandra Schäfer, Berlin

Passing the Rainbow was created in collaboration with Berlin film maker Elfe Brandenburger, filmmakers, actresses, activists and Sandra Schäfer, visual artist and film maker, in Kabul between 2002 and 2007. The film deals with strategies to undermine the rigid gender norms in Afghan society: on the level of filmic staging, in political work and in everyday life. The protagonists include a teacher who is also an actress, a girl theatre group in Kabul, a policewoman who works part-time as an action film director, an activist from the RAWA organisation who advocates the radical separation of state and religion, and Malek, who lives as a boy in order to be able to work. The protagonists adjust the production of the film Passing the Rainbow to their own conditions in order, within that framework, to participate in a public statement. They act as co-producers of the images, shaping the content of scenes and moving in and out of the role of director. This is apparent in the parts of the film that reveal our shooting conditions. In her presentation, Sandra Schäfer introduces the collaborative cinematic methods from Passing the Rainbow.