Saturday 19:00 h -
, 25 min
Hongwei Bao, Nottingham

The lecture introduces queer guerrila film practices in the People‘s Republic of China. Using the Beijing Queer Film Festival (BJQFF), Shanghai Queer Film Festival (ShQFF) and China Queer Film Festival Tour (CQFFT) as examples, this lecture highlights socialist and democratic principles in film festival programming and organisation, as well as the tactics through which film festival organisers circumvent government censorship and commercialisation. It also critically assesses the role of Marxism and China’s socialist legacies in shaping sexual identity, queer popular culture and political activism.

Hongwei Bao is Assistant Professor in Media Studies, University of Nottingham. His research brings queer theory, Marxism and China into critical dialogue. By looking at queer media production, queer film-making, and LGBT activism in contemporary China, he theorises how sexual subjectivities and desires emerge in a neo-liberal and post-socialist context and how a radical queer public culture can take shape.