Saturday 21:15 h -
, 25 min
Şirin Fulya Erensoy, Istanbul

This lecture will focus on two films, which have subject matters that have been actively suppressed by the Turkish state because they go beyond the boundaries of the ethno-nationalistic model aggressively implemented since the establishment of the Republic, thus creating a threat to the integrity of Turkey. The lecture will argue that the films were produced and supported in a climate where the Solution Process was underway, but were violently relegated as radical works when this process no longer served the interests of the state. Furthermore, in the grander reality of the stifling of freedom of expression in Turkey, forms of resistance and creative responses by filmmakers to the failure of formal structures to serve the community will also be discussed for each case.

Şirin Fulya Erensoy is an independent researcher. Her research focuses on video activism in Turkey as an alternative media practice, film genres and international co-productions.