Friday 10:45 h -
, 25 min
Abhishek Nilamber, Laura Klöckner, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin

“United Screens” is a long term research and exhibition project that intends to create a platform through which a network of community cinema programmers can be enabled to screen quality alternative cinema, from a de-centrally curated database of alternative cinema/video works. We are working towards a new technology-based platform to distribute films produced across the Global South, comprising of – African and Asian continents at large, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Indian subcontinent.

Drawing from the combined spirit of the Film Culture magazine of the North America, the anti-neocolonial Third Cinema proposition of the South America, film cooperatives of Indian subcontinent, as well as, decolonial resistance of the African continent, we at SAVVY Contemporary were inspired to look into cinema practices active in the contemporary “Global South”, and inquire into the challenges facing their distribution.

“United Screens” aspires to become a decentralised, yet peer-reviewed and peer-promoted think-tank on film cultures from the Global South. At Radical Film Network Meeting Berlin, we would like to share with the participants and the audience, our plans for 2019/2020 and open possibilities for collaborations and introspections.