Saturday 15:30 h -
Dr. Julia Dittmann, Berlin

The long-term documentation “We are still here” (working title) shows changes in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg since 2009. It gives an insight into the life and work of people who for years had to defend themselves against being deprived of their homes. The film not only illustrates the successes of those who win over the power of money through their courage and unceasing commitment, but also opens the view to the changes in politics and justice, which have been brought about by the action of the protagonists.

Julia Dittmann is a PhD student at the Graduate School BIGSAS at the University of Bayreuth. Previously she studied Film Studies (FU Berlin), Gender Studies (HU Berlin) and Modern History (TU Berlin). Current research topics: Racism-sensitive film analysis, feminist film theory, intersectionality, Third Cinema, cineastic depictions of Germany as a country of immigration. Her doctoral project on “Whiteness as Phallus of the White-Woman Film Recipient. Development of strategies sensitive to racism for an ideology-critical film analysis” aims to develop strategies for a deconstructive, anti-racist film analysis by investigating the staging of white femininity within the occidental feature film and the African Third Cinema. Julia Dittmann is also a state-certified actress (European Theatre Institute Berlin) and freelance film maker.